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Okay so I plan to have 2 graphics card for my current build. It is running a 750 but I have always wanted dual for some reason. IK there is a lot of reasons to just get one but anyways.
Just asking what should I be looking for? Brand wise what would be the best route to go. Maybe around under 120 per card would be good.
I am new to this but any advice on the cards I should get it good. I am not looking for ulltra god settings.
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    There is absolutely no point in running two GTX 750's over a single card set up unless you can pick up one for a super good price.

    I know youve said "IK there is a lot of reasons to just get one but anyways." but have you thought about the reasons not to get 2? Youre gunna use a ton more power and create a huge amount more heat than you would with a single card.

    The 1050ti costs the same as a 750 ti right now and would be the MUCH better option for you. Better performance, cooler, less power hungry (saving money on bills), no issues with SLI support etc etc etc

    What is your current Power Supply and motherboard? You may not even be able to add another 750 without upgrading them.

    EDIT: Mr Kagoris is right; SLI is even not possible with 750s (which I didnt know about).
  2. The GTX 750 does not support SLI.
  3. In the old days SLI could get you more performance for cheaper, but since then the models have been tweaked to offer little to no value in doing so. Dual 1060 might have been nice, but nVidia removed the bridge connectors from the card and the bridgeless SLI from the drivers long ago. The ram will not double, as each card needs the same data loaded. Like the 950 gtx, 2 GB cards that do SLI you get the two cores to work similar to a higher chip but are limited with the frame buffer. They didn't want the 1060 and its 6GB ram in SLI nipping at the heels of the 1080.

    For your budget even if you did sli cheap cards like the 950gtx, a 1060 3gb would be more powerful and less driver headache and game profile, some games wont even work the 2nd card until the drivers are ready.

    TL : DR buy a single ~$250 card instead of dual $120, you will enjoy it more.
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