if a motherboard supports gtx 750 will it support gtx 750ti or the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950?

Just wondering as I'm looking at a PC, which includes the gtx750. I'd rather upgrade as this PC is cheap and looks promising lol
I'm also new to this, sorry if it's a bad question :s
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    the model of the motherboard doesnt matter in this case. they are both the same generation of card and they both have the same pcie specs (they both fit in the same slot). actually, both cards also draw the same power, so you dont need to worry about upgrading anything else either.

    however, its a waste of money to upgrade to a 750 ti from a 750. there are much better, newer cards for the same or less money.
  2. The GTX1050Ti is an excellent video card that starts at $135USD (see pcpartpicker).

    This card is a little over 2x as powerful as the GTX750, however your CPU will also factor into the results.

    I would avoid older cards especially when they are less powerful. The GTX1050Ti also has 4GB of video memory which is starting to become the minimum for some games.
  3. thanks for the responses!
    I'm taking all of these into consideration and i might not even upgrade the graphics card yet as I'm on a budget. the PC i'm getting comes with a razor set and a monitor for just under $300. Which is pretty good anyways.
    (for someone reason i can't reply to individual answers, so I have to post an answer)
    also i'm keeping my eye on that GTX 1050ti, i saw one on Gumtree for $150 which was brand new. The PC that i will be getting has a 750 watt PSU and an Intel Q9550 Quad Core. It doesn't say how much GHz (not sure if that matters). So thanks! :)
  4. you should be fine with a 1050ti and that setup. you can get 1050 (non ti) for the same price as the 750ti, but i definitely recommend the ti if you have the money.
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