Ac black flag maxed out system req

Hello,i was wondering if someone could tell me what PC would i need to max out ac black flag on 60fps.Thanks.

P.S. i play on 1366x768.
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  1. You would probably need a GeForce Gtx 960(not sure about the graphics card), 8-12 Gb of ram and an i5 with 3.1GHz
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    I think for 1366x768 a 950 wouldnt be enough but a gtx 960 would be enough ( with all of nvidia's bells and whistles on not Physx though) if you wanna go without nvidia's bells and whistles a 950 might do if you can lower AA and 8 gigs of ram are more than enough and and I dont know about the processor but I do believe and i5 @2.8 GHZ with turbo boost is more than enough if you are building a system though the gtx 960 4GB is what I would advice you to get especially if you plan to upgrade to 1080p anytime soon
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