GTX 1060 severely underperforming?

CPU; i5 2320 3.0ghz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb

I'm not too sure whats going wrong here. On GTA V lowest settings I'm getting about 50fps, but the frame rate feels very stuttery, often dropping down to 25-30 and staying there.
I didn't think that my cpu would be this much of a bottleneck, so I'm wondering if there's another problem ?
Thanks in advance for all help!!
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  1. Are you running off of integrated graphics?
  2. RylieDetchon said:
    Are you running off of integrated graphics?

    Nope, 100% running off of gtx 1060. It seems to perform pretty well in most other games, this game is the main underperformer.
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    I thnk your CPU is not good enough..GTA V is CPU intensive.. Im im the same boat i have a i7 920 and 1060 but im lagging at 30 fps on high/medium
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