Computer shuts down when playing games.

Hello every time I play any intensive game(Overwatch, GTA V) my computer restarts. I'm not sure if its my power supply or, graphics card. I have had some problems with my graphics card before (artifacts when playing intensive games). Should I buy a new power supply or a new graphics card?
My part list
OS: Windows 8.1
Cpu: i5 4570 (stock cooler)
Ram: 16 gb of ram
MotherBoard: MSI Z87 G43
GPU: Xfx r9 280
Power Supply: Cosair CX600
Any help is greatly appreciated !
Thank you!
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  1. What are your GPU idle and load temps? Restarts in games are either tempor PSUas you pointed out. Also, your PSU is the entry level series from Corsair, so could indeed be the cause from demanding games.
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    Well those older CX's are kinda notorious for this problem. But I would still check the temps to make sure that's not the problem.
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