Triple monitor right and wrong Cable need help deciding!

I wonder how you connect and if this graphics card ( works for triple monitor gaming, in the description it dosnt say it support 3 monitors with gaming, but i doubt that, this is the only card i can buy since my monitors only have 2xHDMI and 1xVGA so i will probably buy a adapter to HDMI to DP and 2 HDMI cables. Will this work? The monitors is BenQ 24" GW2470HE, of what I have read in guides there are simply none that showcase 2xHDMI and 1xDP, only 2xDVI and 1xDP. So my thought proccess is that it wont work, so are there anyone that know if this will work?
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    GTX 1070 can run up to 4 monitors.

    For your setup,
    1st HDMI monitor to 1st HDMI port.
    2nd HDMI monitor to 2nd HDMI port.
    3rd VGA monitor using VGA to Display Port adapter to Display Port.

    Adapter at Amazon:
  2. Thanks a ton!
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