GTX1060 MINI or dual fan?

Hi, im going to go pickup my GPU today, last minute final decisions. Stuck deciding if its worth the extra money to get the dual fan 1060 3gb or is the single fan enough?

This is what im deciding between


Is it worth the extra money? Thanks!!
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    If they both fit, the 2 fan model. The 10xx series minis are doing surprisingly well, the mini's 1771 boost clock is real close to the larger card's 1809. But that fan has to work harder and will be noisier, the GPU a bit hotter. And if ya have a windowed case, I don't like the way they look.
  2. It's worth the money to go the extra money to go from the mini 3gb to the dual fan 6gb, the 6gb is definitely more worth it than the 3gb
  3. My Gigabyte GTX 1070 uses that same heatsink/fan as the Mini ITX GTX 1060. Its surprisingly quiet and effective, even on that more powerful card.
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