Temporarily using an old non-Haswell ready PSU due to a replacing current one; is this ok?

So the basic rundown is that my friend's PSU has been making a strange sound that we think is an issue with the caps, and EVGA are replacing it for him.

I've got an old PSU from Antec (See below) which is now end of life, but seems to have gotten good reviews (See below), however it's not Haswell ready (my friend has a 4790k).

We're planning to use it to confirm that it's definitely the PSU making the noise and will use it to run the PC over the weekend so he can still do his work and some gaming in the evening. Is it still fine to use this PSU, as I heard a while ago if you disable some sort of sleep state then it's fine?
Also, I'm guessing 650W is an adequate amount, but to check here's the main specs:

i7 4790k @ 4.0 GHz with a stock cooler
MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Mobo
16GB RAM @ 1600 MHz (Unsure on the speed)
EVGA 1070 SC Gaming ACX 3.0
Single 1TB HDD


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    just go into the bios and disable c7 power state. the haswell ready power supplies are tested to be stable at the ultra low voltage levels that haswell(and newer) cpus will operate at. by disabling that state in the bios you wont have to worry about it. you could also disable c6e sleep if youd like. i would still leave c1 c3 and eist on.
  2. The Antec TruePower 650 with a Bronze certification is made by SeaSonic with all Japanese capacitors. Haswell-ready only matters if you use the specific C6/C7 sleep states that were new on Haswell. Hell, as long as it's functioning properly, he could probably use it in a build right now - if we're talking about an EVGA B1/G1/W1, I'd actually run that old Antec over it anyway.
  3. Fantastic, cheers for the answers. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for the extra reassurance DSzymborski, that's really reassuring!
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