what monitor should i buy?

i have just ordered the parts for my new pc build and would like to pair it with a new monitor, i will be running a gigabyte nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6GB GPU i am not very knowledgeable on monitors and what types pair well with certain GPU's im not sure if you need to know about any of the other specs on my build, if you do just say, if possible could you tell me a low budget monitor and i slightly higher end monitor i will be aiming to run at 1080p
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    These would be the top-choices for 1080p monitors and a NVIDIA GPU, because they all have G-Sync, which make image better/smoother:

    But they're really pricy, so you can grab one of these, they don't have G-Sync but should present a good image whatsoever:

    If anything, i would recommend these:
    With IPS:

    Without IPS:

    If you wanna be doubly sure on which to get, pick one from that list and search a bit for reviews for it, that way you'll know exactly what you're getting! (:

    But you didn't really told us your budget, how much are you willing to spend on it?
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