Asus 970 Pro Gaming - Black Screen Post Bios - RAM?


I'm having an issue with the ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Mobo.

After weeks of trying to fix the issue (which appears to be a BIOS error of some sort), I'm trying to return it to ASUS for them to see if they can figure out what's wrong with it.

(The specific error in question is that when it loads into the initial splash Screen,"Hit F8 for BIOS, etc etc" the screen then goes black & nothing happens. I can't enter the BIOS screen. I can't load a CD. I can't flash the BIOS. It just goes black & that's that.

When it did work, some weeks ago, it crashed immediately upon entering Advanced BIOS. It would also crash when it would go to sleep.)

Initially I thought it was a windows update error, as similar problems that other people had encountered were fixed by performing some routine maintenance on those updates.

However, that has, apparently, not worked for me.


That being said, I've contacted ASUS & they're trying to tell me that the RAM (G.Skill Sniper Series 16GB DDR3 2133) I've slotted into the machine is the "problem."

According to them, the MoBo must be "manually overclocked" in order to handle this RAM. Despite the fact that I've used ASUS's provided software to fine tune the MoBo, and the RAM is listed among the components that the MoBo is able to support...

So, here's my question:

Are they correct?

Follow up question:

If the RAM is the problem, IE: it's not "compatible," can someone explain why the machine ran like a charm for almost 3 months & then, out of the blue, ker-sploded?

And in case you needed to know, additional specs:


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    Not all AMD AM3+ setups will run 2133.
  2. Aye, that is true,

    This particular board states it has Dual-channel DDR3 2133 support, however...

    If, for some reason, that is not accurate, shouldn't the build have not worked from the git-go?

  3. Board support and what the combo can actually do aren't always the same. Some scenarios can run it , others not.
  4. That's...


    Might I inquire, however, if the RAM is not properly supported... why did it run fine for X amount of time & then pop? I would presume it simply would not have functioned properly right away...

  5. Can anyone answer that last question:

    If the RAM is unsupported (due to OC), why did it work properly to begin with & later simply fail? I'd have thought I'd had seen something immediately?
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