WiFi adapter not working correctly after installing a new graphics card

Hi, Yesterday I installed myself a RX 460 in my computer. Booted it up and everything was fine. But, my wireless adapter seems to not recieve the same speed as before. Sometimes just recieves 1 Mbps. Sometimes just crashes. My internet connection is fine, tried it on my phone and TV.

Things to have in mind: I first ordered an XFX RX 460, but I had crashes with it, so I refunded it and bought a Gigabyte one (this model doesn't have an additional 6-pin connection). I didn't unistall the drivers from the previous card after removing it, I kept them to see if they would work with the new card. It didn't so I downloaded them again and installed and everything was ok again.

GPU: Gigabyte RX 460 4GB Windforce OC
WiFi Adapter: TL-WN881ND

- Update drivers of both graphics card and wireless adapter.
- Installing this cards correctly to their PCI.
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  1. Please list your full system's specs as:
    add-on adapters:

    When you speak of uninstalling your GPU drivers, did you use DDU and then reinstalled your GPU drivers with that which is latest found off of AMD's support site? It'd help if you can stipulate how the cards were in their slots on your motherboard and if they are in their exact same slots.
  2. you know in internet options /advanced tab / accelerated graphics theres a check box for software rendering instead of gpu rendering try that ? [long shot]
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