Will this motherboard K9A2CF support this pcie drive?


I wanted to give my old rig a last bump.
I was wondering if this motherboard:

supports this pcie ssd drive:

I would say it should... but would be nice to know from more expertised people if i need to care for something. For instance can the mother boot from the pcie ssd? Does the mother see it as an SCSI drive or how is it?

Just in case the rest of the system specs are
6gb ram (will take it to 8gb the max supported), Phenom II X4 955, AMD 6850
Nowdays i use it mainly for Lightroom

thanks a lot!
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    As far your board goes, it just sees that you'd have a new PCIe device. Since you have a GPU in the top slot, they would share the PCIe lanes so you would get 8 lanes for the GPU and 4 lanes for this card, since it's only an x4 card. That won't degrade the GPU any.

    As to whether you can boot from it or not, I don't know definitively one way or the other. I know booting from PCIe devices is possible, but I do not know what conditions there are on that.
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