Will a displayport (Male) to VGA (Female) active adapter works on gtx 1050?

So, i recently bought a gtx 1050 and it has only a DP , hdmi , dvi d dual link. And my monitor has a VGA input only. My question is will the adapter work? Something like this. Please help me guys !
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  2. ravenjedmanicdao said:

    Ok thx man! I just plug n go right? Nothing to install or what?
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  3. Yep, plug it in and you should be good :)
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  4. Did it work? Im on the same boat.
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  5. i would like to know what is your monitor type
    cause i got same problem :(
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  6. I have the same GTX1050 and the same adapter, but I keep having this strage issue, when I boot my pc, my monitor ( LG W1943SS-PF) has zero signal, all black...
    It only shows signal when after the boot, I unplug and the re-plug the adapter, and after that, it's everything fine... any idea what could it be?
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