What would you change about my gaming pc build to make it better

i want it to be able to run any game on the highest settings (price is not an issue)
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  1. i would change the ssd to a m2 better start up boot times etc less hassle when taking pc apart for general cleaning as you do not need to remove the m2 drive I have the pro gaming good board i say. skip having 2 gpu 1 should be enough as can lead to problems, be quiet dark rock pro 3 as a cooler less nosier than the noctua. then if you want to spend that kind of money complete your build
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    If the price isn't really an issue then made few modifications,
    build pcpp:

    Picked a MoBo that has two M.2 SSD slots. Built in wi-fi adapter comes as a bonus. Btw, this MoBo can do 4-way SLI.
    Reason why i picked this MoBo:,3984.html

    Also went on and put in the fastest RAM that is supported on all 4 slots on the MoBo i picked. Total is MoBo max, a 64GB.

    For OS, the best M.2 SSD at the market. And for storage, a second one too. Both are 2TB.
    If the price does matter, kick out the 2nd M.2 SSD.
    Reason why i picked these SSDs:,3891.html

    Since the build power draw is about 779W and that without any CPU and GPU OC, went on and put a bigger PSU in.
    Directly from the best PSU OEM comes the Seasonic Platinum 1050.

    If you're going for 4-way SLI with another two Titan X Pascal GPUs then i suggest you get even bigger PSU.
    Here i suggest Corsair AX1500i.
    Resaon why:,4229.html
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