Fx 8300+ asus pro 970 gaming/aura at minimum 4.2ghz, how do i get there?

I have an asus 970 pro gaming/aura mb and a fx 8300 cpu

I know the fx 8350 has a vcore of 1.375 volt stock and 4.0/4.2ghz, mine is at 4.1ghz on all core all the time, no power savings enabled, my fx 8300 is as fast as a fx 8350 (atleast according to the passmark test), i use 1.308volt and with prime95 fft, temps is okay

Waiting for my last case fan couse i had to sent it back do to a weak click sounds (be quiet pure wings 2 140mm).

when i had it at 1.368 volt, 4.2ghz, ai suite 3 showed at some point 65c (red number), digi + vram was set to above optimized phase

cpu llc ultra high

cpu nb llc high

cpu power phase control extreme

cpu power responce control fast

vcore 1.31250 volt, under prime 95 fft (max heat) vcore was 1.368volt

Notua nh-d15 1000-1100rpm, be quiet pure 2 140mm at 7 volt about 550-600 rpm or mabye my noctua 140mm pwm fans (dont have them any more)

I remember playing need for speed shift 2 unleashed at 4.2ghz i only had to lower aa an 1 or 2 setting (under max) to have 90-100fps, in projectcars i didn't have to lower anything compared to intel and got 90-117 fps

so my goal is minimum 4.2 ghz no turbo, mabye just the max speed i can have under 1.400 volt and still have my cpu cooler run at low rpm at 100% usage 1000-1100 rpm, case fans still 7 volt 550-600 rpm (they are silent/quiet at normal cpu usage and up to atleast 60% or more)

Going from cpu power phase control from extreme to optimized and raising vcore to 1.35-1.36 ish (if im lucky 1.34) and the optimized power phase will give it the rest it needs to be stable at 4.2ghz with prime95 with out power phase control making to hot (overvolting)?
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  1. Doing a simple google search has shown that hitting 4.2 stable is a bit hard I would just be happy at 4.1 before you burn something up.
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