GTX 1050 ti single fan vs dual fan

should i just save the money and get the single fan? will it run cool and quiet? or is it worth it to get the dual fan gpu? I have a mid tower case.
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    Since it is a 1050, it probably will not give out much hit. Getting a single fan should do you just fine. Now if you have sufficent cooling in your case, a single fan would be perfect. But if you don't have suffiicent cooling, then you may want to consider the dual fan.

    For the record, I have a mid tower case with a single fan GTX 1060. And it stays below 60 C even on full load. I suppose my Noctua fans helps as well
  2. It's a 75 watt GPU, doesn't need much. However the number is only part of the equation. Despite what ya may have heard ... :) ... size matters, as does rpm) ... more fans on a bigger heat sink means that fans can run slower and therefore quieter. Look at review sites at noise and temp numbers

    Here's a dual fan design

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