Good water/air cooling for my HAF 912 case useing 1151 mobo

Well i decided to go to the green team from my older build my specs are.
case-haf 912
mobo-MSI Pro Solution Intel Z170A
ram-Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz 2x4gig
gpu-r9 280x
psu-600gs corsair
hdd-1tb WD black
I need to get a cooler that will fit in the case. i was using a hyper 212 evo on my fx 4130 and i was happy with it. has anybody tried water cooling in this case and if not what would be a good cpu cooler for the case. any help would be appreciated.
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    Good case with a few options. If you want to go water cooling, you can get a radiator in a 240 for top and/or front. If going custom loop, you can get a 200mm radiator out there for the front and a 240mm for the top, running a single loop (and you can use 2 radiators in one loop) or you can run 2 loops, one for CPU and one for GPU.

    Air cooling, run that 200mm fan up front for intake definitely and the 212 Evo is a great option. I ran it for a while while waiting for my liquid cooler and it handled my Overclocking like a boss!

    200mm fans:
    Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 (comes in various LED Colors)
    Thermaltake CL-F015-PL20BL-A 200mm Pure Series Quiet High Airflow Case Fan
    BitFenix Spectre Pro LED (various colors) 200mm Case Fan
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