Upgrading my Gpu to Zotac GTX 1050Ti OC Edition and had some questions.

I was thinking of Upgrading my current gpu ati radeon r7 260x to Zotac GTX 1050Ti OC Edition
and I wanted to know if my motherboard would be compatible with it and whether my processor will bottleneck my Gpu or not.

Motherboard-ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
processor-AMD FX 6300
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  1. should be fine ? may need the latest bios if needed to support newer released cards , but its down to buy the card and stick it in and fire it up and see

    just looking at it at face value I don't see why it would not work

    looking at the evga 1050 cards I noticed the TI cards have lower clocks then the NON ti card of the same series [ssc]

    I all ways thought the ''TI'' was the better card in that ??

    I guess it the cards memory amount ?
  2. Ti's are better than non TI versions.GTX1050 Ti has less clock speed than non Ti but it has more shader units and more cuda cores than the non ti version.GTX 1050Ti > GTX 1050
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    I see the cuda but not shader- i'll look at that . maybe worth it ? ya , not bad but do you gain ? all I see is 2 or 3 fps but the 4gb memory over the 2 gb would be well worth the 30 bucks extra if ever needed

    just comparing 2 like cards

    don't know overall if its a 30 buck payoff ??

    anyway I'm sure it will do you good in your rig
  4. Thanks for your help.
  5. o'k I still thing regardless having the 4gb card over the 2gb is worth the 30 extra anyway

    good luck and enjoy your new card when you get it
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