Motherboard not detecting Hard Disks (1 SSD and 1 HDD)

Hello there,

Yesterday I built my new computer with all components bought separately... I encountered a few minor problems but everything I was able to solve except this... The BIOS doesn't recognize the two hard disks (1 SSD and 1 HDD) that I have plugged in.
The motherboard is an Asus H170 Pro Gaming.
I've changed both the SATA and the Power cables... I've checked that they work on another computer (they do), I've changed the computer power cable, plugging the SATA cables on a different port from the power supply...

The thing is that at least the HDD should make some noise when turning on the computer, but it makes none at all which makes me think that this might be a power issue... I tried changing the power cable to another SATA port in the motherboard but still the same...

External drives such as external hard disks or USB drives work...

What can I try to fix this? I beg for your help, I've been all day long trying to fix this and I want to blow my head off
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  1. Tried clearing CMOS and didn't do the trick either... start to think something's wrong with the motherboard...
  2. So basically everything works except your HDD does not spin. Rather than listen I would touch and feel the vibration to check (maybe because I'm half deaf lol). I'll wager it's PSU related, to check, just plug the power into the HDD (not SSD) and see if it spins HDD does not require SATA cable to spin). I suspect it won't so check the connection of the cable with the PSU (assuming its a modular PSU unit) also check it's plugged in the correct output of the PSU. If it still does not spin your PSU may be toast.
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