stop overclock after given amount of time (MSI Afterburner)

I often forget to apply back the default settings (stop overclocking) my gpu after I am done gaming. I was wondering if there is any way to make msi afterburner automatically apply these default settings after a set amount of time?

On a related note: Does overclocking shorten my card's lifetime? If so, would it be significant enough if I plan on upgrading in no more than 2 years?

Also, would ending the process apply the default settings (stop overclocking)? Maybe I can find a way to automatically end the process.

I am not sure if my settings are relevant, but in case they are, here:

MSI Afterburner (GeForce GTX 970):
Core Voltage: +87 mV
Power Limit: 110%
Core Clock: +185 MHz
Memory Clock: +500 MHz
Fan Speed: 70%
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    You really don't need to reset to default settings after gaming. The gpu will automatically lower it's clockspeeds and voltages to save power when not being used heavily. Your overclock will not shorten the lifespan of your card significantly.
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