Upgrade XFX R9 280 3GB Black OC Edition to GeForce GTX 1060 ARMOR 3G V1?

Hi guys,

I'm thinking about to upgrade my R9 280(non X) to an GTX 1060, is it worth the upgrade?

Mine R9 280 have stable overclock:
Core Clock:1100mhz
Memory Clock:1625Mhz

Rest of the System is:
AMD FX 8320 at 4.9GhZ
16GB DDR3 1800Mhz
Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0.

PS: I play at 1920x1080.

Thanks in advance :)
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    i would say it was worth it Dark_Lion.

    Just to help you along here, click on the link bellow to see how much of an improvement a GTX 1060 card will make vs your older R9 280 card. it may help you to make your mind up on what to do.

    I always use this site before I intend to buy a new graphics card and it helps a lot when you are unsure to take the leap of buying a new card.
  2. Quite a big upgrade, although you can get a great deal on an RX 480 for $179 right now. :)
  3. Between Rx480 and GTX 1060 wich one is better?

    Thank Guys :D
  4. The 4GB RX 480, 8GB RX $80 and 3GB 1060 perform on par, and the 6GB 1060 performs 10% faster than the former.
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