Tried installing an additional HDD, somehow my ssd failed to start up windows and just shows a black screen.

So I ordered a new hdd to increase my disk space, as I only have a ssd with windows and another hdd as storage. I took the side door apart and installed the new hhd. I tried to startup the pc after installing, and it just shows a black screen. So I reset the cmos and took the internal battery out, and now I can boot into the bios setting just fine, but not into windows on my ssd at all. The bios can recognize my ssd, but trying to boot into the ssd just shows a black screen. THere's no windows logo, no login, no mouse indicator, nothing. Help pls! I am thinking of reinstalling windows perhaps on the new HDD and then checking the ssd for problems afterwards, but I got all the programs installed on the ssd (none of my important files though, those are on my storage hdd).

I have a
Window 10
asrock motherboard
2 sticks of 4 gbs of ram
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  1. What happens when you have only SSD in ?
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