Asus 970 Pro Gaming/Aura for Overclocking an FX-8320e?

I'm looking to build a budget build for ~$400, and I'm planning on getting an FX-8320e from Microcenter for $80 and I want to know if the Asus Pro Gaming/Aura would be good for overclocking that chip to maybe 4.4 GHz? If the motherboard listed isn't any good, does anyone have some suggestions? (I'd be getting this motherboard for $60 with a $40 discount with the chip so a $90-$100 part would be great).
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  1. What is the purpose of this build? I would not build a new build with a FX cpu. $80 may seem like a good deal, but it's not.
  2. It was mostly going to be used for Overwatch, but after my dad said that it would probably be better financially and performance wise to upgrade my main system to Zen and put my current processor, mobo, and ram in this new build, I decided against this idea.
  3. Well we don't know how good Zen will be just yet. I wouldn't get TOO excited. I'm sure Zen will be much improved over the FX cpus, but I wouldn't expect it to go head to head with 6th or 7th generation Intels.

    But $400 is not going to get you much in terms of gaming. The i3 6100 would be a better choice than any FX. It would perform better right now, be cheaper, AND have a better upgrade path.
  4. I'm not building any computer at the moment, and I won't care if Zen flops, I can just go with Kaby Lake or Cannonlake in my main PC. This secondary build wouldn't need any upgrade path since it would just have to hold me over until I get Zen (or Kaby Lake w/e) in my main build and can bring my current CPU (4690k) into this secondary build. I'm not even doing this anymore, so just disregard this post anyways.
  5. What do you have currently
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