BSOD, recovered, some recent files gone...suspect MFT corrupted, but how to recover the files without an MFT address?

So I was plugging in a USB, and got BSOD. Was able to system restore, when back online, found all the programs since last backup point no longer installed, of course, but also...All files created (specifically documents scanned in) were absent, and directories I had created were gone.

Now I'm sure that part of the disc wasn't wiped clean, more likely the MFT got screwed with, and I'm sure that my files are still intact somewhere in the unaddressed space. But how the heck do I access them?

I've tried Piriform Recuva, which was no elp, EASEUS deleted file recovery, which also hasnt been any help. Are there any tools that will specifically revocer raw files from apparently unadddressed space, (by file header I assume)?
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    Well, you did a system restore to a prior data, which removed things you added since that time, that is normal. If the recovery program did not find the data, it won't be found, basically you set the disk back to the time before you did all the work. If you cut down a tree then go back in time before you cut it down, you won't find the cut tree again till you cut it down once more. You did not just delete the files during the restore, you set the OS and disk back to the setup it had before you ever added those files.
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