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Hi I recently had a screen show up on start up which reads a list of storage devices and the last section reads..

CMOS settings wrong
CMOS date/time not set
CMOS checksum bad
Press del to run setup
Press f1 to load default values and continue....

I did some research and purchased and installed a new cr2032 battery. And receive the same message on Startup. My question is if I press F1 to load default values and continue will I lose all of my files? Such a pictures and videos?

Thank you to whoever can help!
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    This startup screen is not related to Windows, it's from your BIOS. You will not lose anything.

    Here's what I recommend doing:
    1) Boot into setup (press Del at the startup screen)
    2) Set the date and time
    3) Load Optimized Defaults
    4) Save changes and exit
    5) Observe and report back with any changes in startup behavior
  2. Thank you very much Darren! Appreciate the swift answer aswell. Worked perfectly...I've been without a computer for 5 weeks now waiting to figure out where to ask this question! Thanks...Have a good night!
  3. You're welcome

    I appreciate the feedback. Have a good night
  4. sdawgotra said:
    After changing the CMOS cell, you can press F1 and all the default values will be loaded and there is no need to worry about pictures or files in the computer since they are not lost upon changing the battery. You can check more about motherboard at

    Although the link you've provided is very informative, it should be mentioned that different boards use different keys for their functions... F1 to load defaults is not universal... Many boards use F1, some use F4, others use F11.
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