Help! Accidentally wrote SD card image to 2TB external HDD

I'm not really sure if this is the right subforum to post this, sorry if it isn't..

Two days ago I accidentally wrote an image of an SD card to one of my 2TB external HDDs using Win32DiskImager. I have been trying to recover any files from the drive since using tools such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Active Partition Recovery, MiniTool Partition Wizard to name a few. None of those managed to find any files, though I am pretty sure they should not have been overwritten and should still be recoverable.

I haven't written anything to the drive since this happened, and looking at it using EaseUS Partition Manager, it looks like this:

Since most of the drive is now unallocated, shouldn't I be able to recover at least around 90% of the files that were on there as long as I don't overwrite anything on the unallocated space?
If anyone could help me out or provide a checklist of steps I could take to try and recover my files, that would be great. I'm really starting to fear all is lost.. :(
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    If the files are truly important then first sector image the drive (as opposed to a file image) to another 2tb drive and run recovery against the imaged drive; saving the original in case you need to send it out.

    Then, using the newly imaged drive, see if Easeus partition recovery or TestDisk (very powerful but command line based) can recover the original partition for you. Testdisk may even be able to recover the files as is if you run a deep scan.
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