How to reinstall Realtek High Definition Audio back into playback devices

I have recently tried to get HDMI monitor laptop setup running. All was well with display, no problems there. I tried getting my headset connected, with no luck. My 3.5mm jack had produced no audio to the headset. I tried multiple solutions online. From my silliness, I have managed to delete Realtek High Definition Audio from my sound options (picture included). Anyway to get the Realtek High Definition Audio back? http://
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    Right click and select Show disabled devices.
  2. I suggest to completely reinstall those drivers and install brand new one from service provider

    Please click right button on my computer - > Properties - Device Manager - > You should find sound device controller and expand that list. You will see exactly the same icon as you attached on screen shoot, click right and uninstall.

    Now go to realtek website and search for latest drivers for your sound card. Try to install the whole package not only the drivers when you find drivers there should be some kind of application - install and check it again.

    I belive that will help.
  3. alexoiu said:
    Right click and select Show disabled devices.
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