HDD, SDD, and Flash Drive won't finish booting or repairing


A week ago my computer just showed a black screen. Upon trying to reboot, the computer would again stop and show a black screen. I tried to repair, restore, and reset the HDD, and each time it would finish and go to reboot/boot up it would stop and show the black screen. I attempted to boot up from a flash drive to a new SSD, and that process also does not finish - giving me only the black screen.

I thought it was the issue was the motherboard, which is about 5 years old, so I bought a new one. Same problem.

The new motherboard is detecting the RAM and I'm not getting any random shutdowns, so I don't think it's RAM related (though it could be). My PSU is 7 years old, but the fans are running and the mobo gets power. Could it be the PSU? The CPU is 5 years old, should I consider replacing that as well?

The graphics card is less than two years old, for what it's worth.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. With parts these old, it could be anything. If your money situation is right id start replacing those oldies. What exactly are your daily tasks on your PC, what do you use it for?
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