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So I got BF1 and it runs pretty well with my gtx 970 on medium. i get nice steady frames that I'm happy with but the thing is that the game uses 100% of my CPU apparently. I ran afterburner and my CPU usage would skyrocket to 100 when running BF1. as for my GPU though it just goes around 50 to 60 and is not an issue. is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU or something. does the game have an issue that is causing the CPU problem? is my CPU bad or something. it runs great on all other games. I was also going to upgrade my CPU in the future sometime to an i7 4790k 4.00ghz 4th gen

my specs:


MSI g45 motherboard z97

Intel i5 4460 3.2 GHz 4th gen

kingston hyperx ram 4x 24gb

fire Cuda sshd 2T
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    Yes, Battlefield 1 is a very cpu heavy game. I have an i7 4790 and it runs between 70-100% usage in Bf1 so yes the i7 will indeed be better for this game, but why do you play at medium with a gtx 970? It should handle ultra settings and still get 60fps. Also when you play at ultra the gpu usage will go to 90-100% probably which means removing any bottleneck.

    The i5 and 970 should be a fair match together for this game with both parts maxing out.
  2. I play at medium because I like the high fps rates. thank you for your response, though. unfortunately its runs between 40-50 fps on ultra. I will try setting it on ultra again and see what happens
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