So much CPU usage during gaming with a great GPU

While I play Diablo 3, my CPU seems to be running at 100%. My GPU also runs at 100%. Do I not have good enough hardware? Isn't my GPU supposed to take the stress off my CPU while gaming?

Intel Core i7 4790k
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  1. If they're both at 100% use then it sounds like they're well matched for the game. The gpu doesn't really take the load off the cpu, they process different things. The cpu handles the physics such as character movements and objects etc, the gpu handles the 'painting' of the screen. Things like textures, shading and so on.

    Have you checked that the cpu is reaching full speed and not stuck at 800mhz or anything? What temps is the cpu reaching and what are your fps in game?
  2. All Cores are running well over 4000MHz. Temps vary from 59 degrees - 64 degrees.
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    It sounds like they're just well matched then. A mismatched system would be either cpu or gpu running at around 50-60% while the other was running 100%. A different game may change that but for diablo 3 it sounds like they're evenly matched. What are your fps during gameplay? If fps are 60+ and gameplay is smooth I wouldn't worry about it. Temps sound like they're well within the norm, nothing concerning there either.
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