Problem with storage space?

During gaming, when using File explorer say to look at photos, disk usage ramps up to 99%, crashing the game. It doesn't happen 100% of the time. I currently have 50% of disk full on my pc, any ideas why this is happening?
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    Hey there, @holmesc!

    This sounds unfortunate! :( I'd advise you to backup your data from that hard drive somewhere off-site before you proceed with the troubleshooting! This is one way to avoid any potential data loss until we determine what is the source of this issue. Afterwards, I'd suggest you go to Resource Monitor and see what processes & services could be spiking the HDD usage. If it happens only during one or two games, I'd suggest you consider re-installing them. It might also be a good idea to scan the system for any potential infection.

    Testing the health and SMART status using the HDD's brand-specific diagnostic tool or a third-party alternative could also us see if there's anything wrong with the drive..

    Keep me posted. Hope this helps you.
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