HGST HDD almost dead. Error: 23 Data error (cyclic redundancy check. Any way to recover data?

My HDD has been showing signs of giving up for a couple of months now. The pending sector count seemed to be slowly growing. A few days ago it gave up completely and my Windows got corrupted, which gave me a blue screen. Tried to fix it, but I made it only worse.

I might've made a big mistake by running clean in diskpart. Right now I can't do chkdsk or use a recovery tool on it because it has no letter and trying the mountvol trick returns "The specified volume name does not have a mount point or drive letter.".

The HDD is recognized by BIOS and disk management, as well as pretty much any other tool. It's not showing up on my computer though (I'm assuming I messed it up with diskpart clean).

I would like to recover some data from it, specifically a few text documents. If I can recover other files that'd be great.

I've pretty much ran out of options at this point, tried many solutions but nothing seems to work for me, primarily because this error is not letting me move forward.

I'm certain it is a problem with the hardware and there are a lot of bad sectors as it seems. The thing is, there are also a lot of good sectors. Can I recover the data from them? If it's a good sector it means the data hasn't been corrupted on it and it's still there?

I'm currently running a surface test on hard drive sentinel to see how bad the situation is, but I'm not sure what I'll do with that information.

Also when I tried to reinstall WIndows it says that my hard drive has 100% free disk space. Did the files get erased? Even if that's the case, I think I might be able to recover something if I'm lucky as long as I get this error out of the way.

Please help!
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    Welcome to the community, @-btc-!

    I'm truly sorry to hear about your issues, but I'm afraid that you might make things worse by attempting to retrieve the files by yourself using third-party apps. :( If the problem is hardware-related and there are too many bad sectors, I'd strongly recommend you to consider contacting a professional data recovery company for assistance. They would be your best bet on getting any of those files back.

    If you did use the DiskPart/Clean command, it means that you have formatted any wiped the HDD clean. You could definitely try with the data recovery attempts but at your own risk and I'd strongly advise you find out what is the SMART status and health state of the HDD first!

    Even if there are good sectors on the drive, it doesn't mean that the files would be usable or even there. The way data is stored on the HDD sectors, there is a big possibility that most of the files could be corrupted just because a piece of them had been stored on a bad sector.

    Please consider a professional assistance. It sounds like the damage on the HDD is too severe to deal with it by yourself.

    Let me know if you have additional questions! Best of luck!
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