New Samsung 950 Pro m.2 nvme ssd only getting 400 mbps read

Hello guys, I recently upgraded my mobo and storage on my gaming and music production pc. I have a gigabyte z97x-sli rev. 1.2 mobo and a Samsung nvme m.2 256 gb ssd. I installed windows to the ssd and it boots up fine but when i benchmark the ssd it only reads about 400 mbps. Is there something else I need to do in order to get more performance gains?
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  1. Do you have Samsung Magician installed or any software? take a photo and post here please.
  2. I have samsung magician installed.!At1r3VU4jcwg2XTPYB6kuNVGU45F
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    that motherboard cant support the full speed of that m2 its only 10Gbs m2 slot not 32Gbs
  4. ok, thanks for the help im such a dummy lol
  5. not really a dummy mate its pretty confusing for a lot of people with m2 drives

    some m2 drives only do sata speed some do pci-e speed

    but then to get the max out of them your motherboard needs to support pci-e x4 m2 drives

    yours doesnt

    though would have expected it to be a bit faster than what you are getting but dont know how the pci-e lanes are shared on your board
  6. This transition period we are in is quite confusing.
    SATA III, m.2, mSATA, m.2 PCI-e, NVMe...not all boards can use all, not all bards can boot even if there is a m.2 port, an m.2 port can disable 1 or 2 SATA ports, etc, etc.

    HDD to SSD was/is a no brainer.
    These other options and other really have to investigate what your system can actually use.
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