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Hey guys, What's up?

So lately I have been hooked on Overwatch :D , and I've heard that having a good dpi/in game sensitivity combo helps with your aim..

However my mouse is Forev ST15, which a cheap Chinese gaming mouse, it has a dpi button and whenever I press it seems like it changes my sensitivity/dpi.

And I was wondering if there was way I could know what is the dpi for my mouse.
I've tried Logitech Gaming Software, but it seems like my mouse isn't supported.

So is there any other way to figure out my mouse's dpi and adjust it accordingly?

Thanks in advance.
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    Best DPI to go is low :D i have 5000 DPI mouse but i use lowest option. than in game i adjust sensitivity. A while ago i was trye to explain a guy about CS:Go sensitivity. you can read it here if you have spare time. it all can be applied to any game.
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