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What can I do to make this system able to record 720p 60fps Minecraft pvping? I would ideally hit 90fps while pvping and recording.

Would my system be able too now or would I have to add something to it and what would be the best thing to add?
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    You could try it now, but chances are good you won't get a smooth recording. The issue is your CPU, which is a single-module "FX" and is exceptionally weak by today's standards. Even if it didn't have to handle the game at all, it probably couldn't encode 720P@60fps in real-time.

    nVidia has a technology called "Shadowplay", which allows the video card to do the work of encoding, causing it to have close to zero impact on your CPU. However, you need a GTX 6xx GPU at minimum for this. The cheapest/best way to get this is probably to buy something like a GTX 750 Ti or 1050.
  2. What about Amds game DVR? I've heard that's like shadow play but I can't find any recent videos on it so I don't know if it's still useable.
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