Clone from 2x1Tb's HDD's RAID0 to 1Tb Samsung Evo SSD on WIn 7

Hi, I need help is possible to clone from current setup of 2 x 1Tb's HDD's RAID0 to 1Tb Samsung Evo SSD on Win 7 without doing OS reinstall.

I have downloaded a software called Macrium reflect and this is what I currently have shown.

Any help much appreciated....
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    I suggest you try using the free Samsung ssd migration tool.
    It will copy your "C" image to one of their devices.
    If the contents will fit on the 1tb ssd, you are good.
    If not, you will need to exclude some folders from the move.
    The utility allows that.

    You will need to back up folders left behind to another device.
    When you disable/remove the raid0 setup, the contents will no longer be readable.

    A true clone may not work since it is a bit for bit copy.
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