BMGR Missing AND Incompatible Repair Disk

I've got a custom build MSI with two HDDs and 2 Samsung SSDs. Windows 7 is installed on one of the HDDs. Today I noticed that one of the Samsung SSDs wasn't working, I use it for data backup. I swapped cables, etc. and decided that the drive itself was bad and removed it.

I was surfing the internet for an hour or two and got the blue screen of death. When I tried to reboot, I got the BOOTMGR Missing message.

I looked at various repairs listed here, but when I install my original Win7 disk, the same exact one that I did the original installation with, I get a message that the version of System Recover Options is not compatible with the version I am trying to repair.

I really don't want to try a full install. I was somehow able to get into Safe Mode and ended up at the same error.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Hi

    Is your original windows disk 7 (without service pack 1)?

    if so find some one with a Win 7 PC which has service pack 1 installed (almost all Win 7 systems)
    and same 32 or 64 bit version as yours and make a system repair disk

    Microsoft explains how to make & use them

    Mike Barnes
  2. Yes, it's 64 bit, with Service Pack 1.

    I'll check that link you provided. Thanks!
  3. Best answer
    I haven't had time to work on this until yesterday. I made a repair CD from another computer with the same operating system. Put it in and no luck. I removed/replaced the SATA cable for the C drive, this time I installed a cable with locking clips, and I removed all the other hard drives from the system. This time it booted with the message that windows had not been shut down properly. It seems to be working properly now. I think the initial problem was a loose SATA cable.

    Thanks for your input, Mike!
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