Monitor shows "No Signal" after installing new graphic card

I bought the compact ROG g20aj from BestBuy a few years ago. Now I want to upgrade the graphic card, but ran into trouble. If I put in the new card, the monitor will show NO SIGNAL even if I only boot into the onboard GPU. I tried to put back the old card, which is GTX 750 and the new card is gtx 1050 ti, monitor still persists with NO SIGNAL. Before anyone ask, I did buy another PSU (180w+230w, and card only need 300w to run). I also did set jumpers to correct positions (by this, I meant that all bottom pins are moved upward, and the top pin is moved left). The card is definitely seated in properly. I suspected that since putting in the old card also won't work, then it must be that the PCIe slot is damaged as the onboard GPU still works.

All helps are appreciated... in advance :)
PS I did not post on ROG forum because there is a problem with sign up.
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  1. Welp! Looks like no one wants to help me lol! Anyway, after a very close re-examination, I found out that there is a very small dent on my PCI-Express Riser Card G20AJ DP_Card Asus ROG G20AJ (slot expansion). I guess I will have to order a new one to see if this fix the problem. Since the card is designed for mini/compact cases, I don't really want to bend the card to fit the larger cases - referring to testing out the new card in one of my sibling's CPU.
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    A lot of people have a similar problem including me. You should look into threads on this and other forums. After weeks of research I still can't figure out what exactly is wrong. Btw I'm upgrading from a gtx 650 ti to 750 ti. At this point it's either corrupt/ damaged PCIe slot or mother board software version isn't compatible with this hardware and needs to be updated. Requires me to flash my BIOS. I'm putting in more research before I flash my mother board. Will let you know if I find anything.

    FYI: I had problems with the gtx 650 ti as well. It's just that I got to know the cause when I tried to upgrade the GPU. So I'm just hoping the upgrade of motherboard software should do the trick.
    worst case power supply problem but I don't think that's the problem.
    Will give you comp specs if you need.
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