Rise of the Tomb Raider keeps crashin

- Hello all,

So I have been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider for quite some time now, and literally at the last cutscene with Jacob, the game just crashed, apparently due to a driver crash. This is very weird, especially since I just updated my graphics drivers not too long ago, and this never happens. I tried to reload it again, hoping that it would simply go through, but at the exact same moment as the time before, it crashed. I had to watch the cutscene on youtube and then I skipped it on my computer. It went alright, however, right after Ana...well her passing by the sniper, my game froze again. Now, the game will not let me play past the castle cutscene which it doesnt even complete. I have an Nvidia GTX 980 Ti so I am sure that I have the system requirements to play the game on the settings I have been playing it at, and ROTTR is not the most graphics intense game. Any suggestions?

- Thanks,
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    Where did you download the game from?
  2. steam
    bought it off of g2a
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