Computer freezes with screen artifacts, GPU seems fine


I've been having issues with my computer for a few months now : it randomly freezes with little square artifacts on the screen (looks like this : Sometimes it "only" crashes the NVidia driver but it recovers after a few seconds, but most of the time the screen goes black after a few seconds and my only option is to reboot. I noticed the issue happens more frequently after some heavy use (like gaming) or when the fans blow faster. Sometimes it even happens during boot : the BIOS screens are not scaled to whole screen as usual and are filled with artifacts, and finally Windows fails to boot. I usually have to reboot once more when that happens and the issue "fixes" itself.

First, my specs :

Most components are 5 years old (Nov. 2011), GPU is from April 2014. I built it myself. I immediately thought about a GPU issue, so I tried to swap my GTX 760 for an older GTX 560 I had lying around but the exact same problem happens, albeit less frequently. The GTX 760 itself seems fine since it's now used in another PC/media center without any problems.

Some more info :

I'd like to know if anyone had encountered the same problem and what component might be at fault, so I know what I'd have to replace. I thought about the PSU starting to fail, or the motherboard itself, but my knowledge in hardware issues is lacking.

Thanks a lot in advance for any ideas you might have!
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    In the mean time you can:
    - replace CPU and GPU thermal grease
    - replace DVI or HDMI cable with new one
    - new fans (5 years is average fan MTBF)
    If there's local PC shop in your city, go there bring along your PC, tell them you want to buy new PSU, who knows turn out to be just a failing PSU, the worst scenario is failing motherboard. Ordering fresh/used P67 motherboard online? seems like bad idea. consider H110 motherboard + i5 6600 + ddr4 + 500 w gold power supply
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