WD network storage problem.

Hi Guys,

I'm using WD mycloud 2TB and a WD mybook live 3TB on my network sharing,

Wich I've encountered is that WD mybook live 3TB drains my internet speed to half when I switch it on/connected to my network. wich my maini internet speed test is 200mbps will droped down to 100mbps. any fix for this?
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    Hey there, @chanwei21!

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues you experience with the WD My Book Live. I'd advise you to check if you have the latest firmware update installed as well as the GPL source code on our support page regarding the WD My Book Live Downloads. It's also important how you have both cloud devices connected to the network. Does the dropping of the speed happens only during the transfer of large files? There are several things that could be causing the issue. I'd suggest you check if your computer has a Gigabit Ethernet adapter and if you do have an Ethernet switch, make sure it supports Gigabit Ethernet.
    I'd also advise you to check the speed after you disable any antivirus and/or firewall software you might be using as it could definitely affect the file transfer on NAS devices.

    Hope this helps. Keep me posted! :)
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