HP 7825 Software install can not see WLAN printer - Although Windows does

My hp 8725 printer can be used and seen by windows 8.1 . However the HP software and tools installation can not "see" it. Although its available for printing and scanning from windows. I would like to use the HP tools to manage the printer and fax/scan services but with out the HP specific software install this is quite a challenge. Any ideas how to ge tthe software install to see the printer BTW the printer has a static IP Address and I know it - even when giving the HP installer the correct IP address it still can not see the printer (Verified ip address with CMD Ping). Any ideas?

Update things tried out : De/ Reinstall software , with /without Firewall, reboot, used HP Printer Doctor - this identifies the printer but then starts the standard install process that then can not identify the printer, also tried on a windows 10 system, also tried with ethernet instead of WLan - same result.
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  1. Partial Answer - actualy the printer can be managed through the Web Interface (put the IP address in a browser. most of the functions seem to be here - however the PC based software suite still does not reconise the printer.
  2. It Develops further: It seems to be a problem associated with Windows 8.1 (with all current updates) . It installs fine on a windows 7 and windows 10 system.

    Ergo a Bug with dealing with windows 8.1? Also the HP AiO ( Hp remote Printer management App called All-in-one does not work with Windows 8.1 but does with windows 10)
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