How to transfer a Program Files game folder from one laptop to another?

On my old laptop, I have a game with a bunch of mods and add-ons installed in a certain order that I don't remember. I got a new laptop, and honestly it would take me months to figure out the right order to the installation of mods and add-ons, for the game to work (because otherwise the game won't work). I need to know how to transfer that Programs File game folder to my new laptop. Now I know if I just pass it over an external hard drive and then pass it to my new laptop, it won't work because of the registry entries. So, what could be the way to solve this?
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    If they have to be in a specific order, the only way I can think of is to view them with the dates and times installed showing. I am assuming that they weren't all installed on the same date at the same time. :) With this, you would be able to move them over per their date and time, to the new computer and install them as you go.

    That would be the only way I would know of to get it to work. Just change the way you view the files on the current laptop, so that the needed info shows. You should actually be able to set up the folder they are in to list them in date/time order.

    However, you wouldn't be able to move them over to the new computer all at once, as they would remove said info. So you either have to do them one at a time, or write down/take screen shots of the order date/time details.
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