Why does my laptop have such poor fps?

My HP envy notebook randomly gets spells of low fps. When I play csgo my fps are either in the 60s or not breaking 20. When i look in task manager my resources are low and not being used a ton, and i have set my laptop to performance settings. I have checked the heat and it gets to about 60c when I play csgo. Why am i not seeing more consistent framerates? Here are my laptop's specs:
8gb ram
amd radeon r6 1.8 ghz integrated graphics
Windows 10
What could be casuing this?
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    Because even for CSGO you have a very weak CPU and graphics chip.

    Counter-Strike: GO 2012
    low 1024x768 74.7 fps + Compare
    med. 1366x768 64 fps + Compare
    high 1366x768 50.2 fps + Compare
    ultra 1920x1080 31.3 fps + Compare
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