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I recently purchased a Razer Blade late 2016 with a gtx 1060. This is like my first time owning a gaming laptop so I have a few questions for those who have already overclocked their laptop's GPU.

1. How better can the performance get when you actually overclock the GPU?
2. Is it worth it to risk your GPU life over performance (cause this laptop wasn't cheap at all)?

I'm using CAM as my GPU monitor and as far as I can tell, it's rocking battlefield 1 ultra at 1800 MHz or more (clock speed) at 74 to 76 C. However I'm a bit disappointing at the fps that I'm running it on (usually 50 sometimes drop to 40 45). The advertisement for laptop gtx 1060 running ultra in battlefield 1 said that it can run at 80 fps no problem. I don't know if it holds true for other brands.

My Razer Blade specs:

Screen resolution :1920x1080
CPU: Skylake I7 6700 HQ
16gb Ram
Gtx 1060 6GB
512GB SSD PCie.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. In a notebook the cooling ability is much lower so OC is more stressful for your gpu. This is not to say don't OC but if you do i would watch your temps and honestly it would probably only bump a couple fps, your best bet would be to lower certain settings like shadow draw and other high draining settings. This will get you more frames with less impact on picture.
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    I wouldn't on a razer blade. Those things don't have the cooling power to properly cool your GPU.

    However, you can experiment with increasing the power limit and temp limit so GPU Boost 3 will overclock your GPU higher.
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