What happens if I format a hard drive that has Windows 8 installed?

Hi, I want to format a hard drive that has Windows 8 installed but I just want a clean format, I don't plan on using it soon but I want to have a blank hard drive in case and I was also wandering if it would have any effect on my laptop's BIOS since Windows 8 does some changes to it...
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    Most likely not. The OS and BIOS almost have nothing to do with each other like changing each other's settings, so nothing would really happens

    Here are some ways to format a hard drive if you already don't know how:

    There are many ways to format a hard drive, one way is to load up a windows installation and formatting the hard drive partition from there and another way is to load a custom boot program that can just boot up and format the hdd

    The first way is to load up a windows installation setup

    Download an ISO image of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 and write it to a disc or USB flash drive, preferably a usb
    Boot it up on the pc, load up the windows installation, and on the screen asking "Where do you want to install Windows?"
    You select the hard drive with Windows 8 installed, and select Format, the hard drive should format
    Reboot the system and nothing should be available anymore
    A screen like "No operating system found" should come up

    The second way is to install a custom boot program like Darik's Boot and Nuke
    It's pretty self explanatory. Boot, nuke. Nuke your files, correct way of saying is deleting everything. Formatting the hard drive.
    The boot and nuke website is here:
    You can find many youtube videos on how to use boot and nuke
    You download the iso image of boot and nuke on the website, burn it to a disc or write to a usb, boot it up and off you go!

    But yeah. Most likely nothing will happen to the bios when you format a hard drive with Windows 8 installed and that's how you format it if you didn't know
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