Crucial mx300 525gb vs Toshiba q300 480gb vs Sandisk Plus 480gb

Hey friends!

as already the topic suggests, i am deciding between these 3 ssd disks. I already have a 250gb main main OS disk, a 1tb hdd storage disk and another ssd for games, but only 240gb.

I will change the games ssd disk with a bigger one and am wondering if you can help me choose the best.

You also must consider, that i wont be buying the most expensive one, just for running games, because it doesnt make sense really.

The prices are very close to one another, so it just comes down to performance. I think the Crucial MX300 gives the best bang for the buck between those 3.

So what do you think?

THanks, Jan.
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  1. If you want the best, pick Samsung evo or Intel 540s
    They make their own nand chips so can control quality better.
  2. no, i dont wan't the best, because the third disk will only be for games.

    That what you have suggested would make sense for the main os drive and not that much for games.. :)
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