Is my HDD Dying/SATA cable broken?

Recently i've been having some issues with my Seagate 500GB HDD, I mean its always been slow, but now its anciently slow. I remember doing a disk check a while back and it said it was fine, but recently its starting to really p*** me off. It first happened when playing Battlefield 1 Beta, when all of a my PC froze up. I didnt BSOD or anything, My Origin stopped Responding with my BF1, then my Steam locked up a few seconds later, I tried to go onto task manager but then my Windows explorer stopped working, then all was left was my Teamspeak. That crashed about 20seconds later and my PC was stuck on some audio loop of my friend talking without a BSOD, so i restarted my PC then all of a sudden "A boot drive cannot be found" came up after my BIOS screen. The This still happens to the this day, infact about 10 minutes ago when I first booted my PC for the day it told me "A disk read error has occured, please press Ctrl + Delete to restart". the funny thing is, is that to fix these issues (except the one i just encountered, as the restart did the trick) I just had to push my SATA cables in to my HDD, even though it did not seem to be loose, infact it in pretty good. Anyone know anything about whats going on lol?
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  1. Well, try changing cables and/or ports drives are plugged in.
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    Hey there, @Jack Barber!

    I'd definitely follow @CountMike's advice and try resolving the issue by swapping the SATA cable and the SATA port where the HDD is connected to the motherboard. If that doesn't improve it's performance, you should also check how the HDD performs in another PC (if you have access to one). Make sure you backup all your important data somewhere off-site before you proceed with the troubleshooting. This is the surest way to avoid any potential data loss in the process. Once you have a copy of your most precious files off-site, run the HDD manufacturer's brand-specific diagnostic utility and check what is the health and SMART status of the drive.

    Hope this helps you. Let us know how it goes.
    SuperSoph_WD :)
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