Good cpu cooler 155mm and under for Slight OC of 6700k

I have a noctua nh d9L currently but I would like to upgrade to a 6700k and am not sure it could cool it with a slight OC. Currently it(noctua nh d9L) keeps my I5-4570 around 40-45c while playing games and 30-35c idle. My case has 155mm clearance. So you guys have any recommendations? Do you think my current cooler could get the job done? Any how thanks for reading and your input.
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  1. Your cooler can do the job, but, if you want something better look at teh Cryorig H7.
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    Hey there!
    Your current CPU cooler is very good, and will be more than able to cool a 6700k with ease.
    If you are worried about temperatures, a CPU running under 70c is good, and under 80c during stress tests is preferable.
    Since your i5 is running at 45c under load, this is really cool. A 6700k is not going to produce significantly more heat, so will remain cool too, with a good shot at high overclocks - the next step would probably be to go to water cooling setups.
    So yes, your current cooler will be absolutely fine.
  3. Try your current cooler first.
    It is likely to do the job well.
    Particularly if your case has decent airflow.
    14nm skylake runs cool.
    You will run out of safe vcore before you run into thermal limits.

    As of 5/2016
    What percent can get an overclock at a somewhat sane 1.40v Vcore.

    4.9 2%
    4.8 17%
    4.7 59%
    4.6 93%
    4.5 100%
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