Building first gaming pc and need help please

Hello everyone,

I am looking to build a gaming pc that i can also use for school stuff. I have done alot of research but i wanted to also post the things i have in mind here and hopefuly get some feedback.

Looking to play at 1080p in coming years at high to ultra

Intel i5 6500
Rx 480 4gb sapphire nitro+
Corsair vengeance ddr4 8gb RAM
Evga 500w 80+ bronze certified PSU
Gigabyte h170m-dhs3 motherboard
SanDisk ssd plus 240gb

Price: ~700 euro

I already have an older case with a fan.

The questions i have are:
1 - can i setup this pc without monitor using an hdtv? (Both have hdmi ports)
2 - is 4gb good enough or is the 8gb model of the rx 480 worth it?
3 - Can i get some general feedback on this build? Not looking to upgrade gpu within 3-4 years. Also dont need mass storage for now (can always upgrade to an hhd if needed later on).
4 - i have used the tv before as a monitor and besides input lag the experience was not bad.

Help will be much appreciated!

(Sorry for bad english)
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    1- yes, but some people have had problems with the pc detecting it as a monitor, but you should be fine. 2- 4gb is plenty for basically all games (at 1080p). 3- looks pretty good, although the gtx 1060 is a better card in most situations. 4- okay :)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!
    The reason i chose the rx 480 over gtx 1060 is because i kinda feel more "futureproof" since i heard amd keeps their drivers more up to date through the years and i am planning on keeping the card for a while. Also because of possible dx 12 in future games.
  3. it should be fine as long as its not a really old TV and full HD. if you have issues using HDMI i think all TV's still come with the older VGA port too
  4. Also i heard that amd has the right hardware to be "futureproof" where nvidia solves their problems through driver updates
  5. It says hd tv 1080p and i have used it before to connect laptops to the tv so i think it should be ok
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